Theft of family’s travel camper caught on surveillance video

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AURORA, Colo. -- It was their home away from home.  But now, it’s away from their home, stolen by shadowy figures in the dark from High Plains Grading and Storage in Aurora.

Barbara Hernandez showed the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers the perpetrators play-by-play, caught on surveillance video from a business across the street.

“We bought that so we could go spend more time. When I was a kid I grew up doing those kinds of things with my family and I wanted that for my kids,” Hernandez said.

It happened just before midnight on Friday. Three camper crooks broke into the property, cut off the anti-theft locks on the camper, hooked their prey on their pickup and peeled off into the night.

High Plains Grading officer manager Sam Hucks caught the thieves in the act.

“The driver realizes I’m here and starts to hit the gas.  Everybody’s scrambling. Two guys jump in the back,” Hucks said.

The only weapon Hucks had was an old rusty pan he picked up off the ground.

“I just grabbed it by the handle and smacked their headlight,” he said.

The bad guys got away and the Problem Solvers need the public's help. If you see a Kodiak Express camper trailer by Dutchman, call local police.

"Bad things happen to bad people, and I believe in karma," Hernandez said.

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