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Powerful storm hits parts of metro Denver with large hail

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DENVER -- It didn't last long, but a hailstorm still managed to put a dent in a few metro neighborhoods on Friday afternoon.

Large hail left noticeable dents in many cars in Greenwood Village. Some owners were also left cleaning up glass from broken car windows.

Sara Michaels found one hail stone that measure a full 2 inches in diameter.

"I got hit by one like (that) in my leg, it hurts. I don’t recommend going out in a hail storm,” she said with a laugh.

Down the street, Matthew Riley spent two hours vacuuming glass from his car, after similar-sized hail destroyed his back window.

“It was like an inch and a half in diameter I was pretty mad so I threw it away," Riley said. “I’ve had hail damage before but nothing this bad.”

Michaels didn't realize how bad her car damage was until later.

“I had to run to the store and I got in the car and there was hail everywhere inside the car and I thought, ‘How did the hail get in the car?’ I turned around and the window was broken out," Michaels said. “Now we have another deductible on the insurance to pay.”