Residents say city hasn’t cleaned up paint its crew spilled on street

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DENVER -- Residents of a southwest Denver neighborhood say the city refuses to clean up its own mess, gallons of white paint spilled all over the street.

The city called it an accident but those who live on this street said it feels more like graffiti.

They said the city told them it will eventually wear off. The city said because of the lack of rain recently, a pressure washer will be brought in to the Harvey Park neighborhood.

“We have a nice neighborhood, everybody takes care of their homes,” resident Angelo Greenier said.

Typically well-kept and lined with manicured lawns, neighbors say it’s now blighted.

“It's a big graffiti,” Greenier said.

Two gallons of white paint fills the middle of Raleigh Street. Greenier said it's in front of his house.

“I thought I was vandalized, you know? I didn't know what happened,” Greenier said.

Only this paint job is courtesy of Denver Public Works.

“The city was doing striping. They were doing bicycle lanes up the street and they had a malfunction with their truck and they lost a lot of paint,” Greenier said.

Angelo said for three weeks he has called the city and repeatedly been told the paint will wear off after time.

“I said, 'What do you mean, there's nothing you can do about spilled paint?'” he said of his conversation with someone in the city engineering department.

“He said, 'No, it was dry already' and there was nothing they can do about dried paint. I reminded him it was wet when it happened,” Greenier said.

Tired of looking at the spilled paint, Angelo reached out to the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers.

A spokesman for Denver Public Works said the paint is water-based and wears off but because of the recent hot and dry spell in Denver, it hasn't.

A crew, armed with a pressure washer is being assigned to to try to unpaint the picture that was left behind.

“It’s crazy for a prestigious city like Denver not to be able to clean up the mess they create,” Greenier said.

The white paint also got all over at least one car parked on the side of the street. Public Works said it delivered some of the homes paperwork for filing a claim. But residents can also file a claim on the city's website.