Pokemon Go is fun way to spend family time outside, mom says

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- There I was, doing a little story research.  No, I wasn’t actually playing Pokemon Go, but seeing first-hand how the smart phone phenom is affecting families like the Metzlers in Westminster.

Amy Metzler has been playing the augmented reality game with her son, Noah, and his little sister, Ruby.

“Yesterday was my first day," Metzler said.

“And I’ve been playing like three days," 12-year-old Noah said.

Noah was the family’s first Pokemon Go fanatic.

“I’ve watched the trailer about nine months ago and it looked awesome," Noah said.

Metzler said she was never fond of the original Pokemon but is enjoying the new game.

“I was not a fan of Pokemon, and then they showed me the game two days ago and I thought this is kind of fun," she said with a laugh.

She gave in, and now is a convert.

“It’s appealing because we’re outside.  We were outside all day Tuesday, running around," Metzler said.

Author Susan Heitler, who wrote "Prescriptions Without Pills," says Pokemon yes to Pokemon Go.

“Pokemon Go has people out of doors, which is a natural antidepressant.  Socializing, they’re doing it with friends or family which gives them sunshine.  All that vitamin D is both physically and emotionally healthy," Heitler said.

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