Porta-potty problem ‘reeks’ havoc for Douglas County resident

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. -- A Douglas County resident is in a stinky situation as his new neighbors are “reeking” havoc.

Bob Able and his wife have lived at their home for 50 years. Home is a couple acres of land and two houses near Chatfield State Park.

Able said he has never had a problem with any of his neighbors. That is until four months ago when Liberty Disposal moved in on a lease with dozens of porta-potties in tow.

“To do that to your fellow man is just not right,” Able said. “It’s been almost unbearable.”

Able said besides the obvious smell and countless flies, the new occupants also constantly block their roadway.

“The smell is horrendous,” Able said. “They were only supposed to store the porta-potties here, and you see what a mess it is now.”

Able said he has even seen the sewage leaking down onto his property.

“You can see where the effluent has run down and changed the dirt composition,” he said as he pointed toward the discolored dirt.

The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers tried to talk to the owners of the porta-potties but got no response.

Able has called in the engineers who designed the sewage system on his property to check out the mess.

“He said ‘I can’t believe this … they’ve got urine, poop and toilet paper all over. And I said, ‘Yeah, and it’s coming on our property,” Able said.

The Douglas County Health Department and the land owner will meet with Liberty Disposal on Tuesday.