Woman who live-streamed shooting says Philando Castile was shot 5 times, had hands in air

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FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. — Diamond Reynolds, the woman who live-streamed the aftermath of the fatal shooting of her boyfriend by police in Minnesota this week, told reporters Thursday that he had been shot five times.

Reynolds said what happened to Philando Castile was “not acceptable, not OK and will not be tolerated.”

She live-streamed on Facebook the moments after Castile’s shooting, which occurred Wednesday as he sat in his car, in the driver’s seat, with her beside him.

“We had our hands in the air,” she said.

Near the end of her nearly 10-minute-long Facebook video, Reynolds’ phone is tossed to the ground as she’s heard being taken into police custody.

Reynolds eventually gets a hold of the phone again and says she was filming from the back seat of a police car. She alerts viewers to her location and asks someone to come pick her up.

But no one seemed to know what happened to her after that, until she reappeared Thursday morning to tell reporters more about the fatal traffic stop.

“The police officer stopped us for a busted taillight that wasn’t busted,” she said.

Sometimes breaking down in sobs, Reynolds said she wasn’t able to say goodbye to Castile.

“I never got to say my last words,” she said, adding, “No one deserves this. I have not been able to sleep. I have not been able to eat. I have not been able to work.”

Reynolds streamed the dramatic footage of the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook, under the account name Lavish Reynolds. WCCO, through Castile’s family, identified Lavish Reynolds as Diamond Reynolds.