Protesters rally in Denver over police shootings

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DENVER -- A group of protesters gathered near the Capitol building in downtown Denver late Thursday night, blocking Lincoln Street.

The Denver Police Department said it was monitoring the protests, which have been peaceful.

Police Chief Robert White was still in his office late Thursday night monitoring developments in Denver and Dallas, where snipers shot and killed five police officers and wounded six others at the site where a protest rally took place.

No one from the police department was available to comment Thursday night.

Earlier Thursday, police said a large group of people gathered on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver.

There were reports that RTD services around the 16th Street Mall had stopped during the rally. Earlier, two protests took place in downtown Denver after the police shooting deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

About 100 people gathered around 6 p.m. in front of the State Capitol. The majority of them appeared to be white. They said they were gathering in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

"This is something that you don't see every day in America," Tay Anderson said. "People that aren't of color gathering to say black lives matter."

Colleen Bryan said she knew she had to join the rally.

"We white folks have to be here every day, every time it happens until it doesn't happen anymore," Bryan said.

At Civic Center Park, a member of Black Lives Matter 5280 sat in front of the City and County Building. They said they were creating a space for community discussion for people of color.

"We will be here for 135 hours," said Amy Emery-Brown, a co-leader for the group. "We will be lifting up the name of the 135 black souls stolen this year by police ... and I will say people are going to go and immediately google that number and tell us what source is wrong and right."

The group said members will be there over the course of five days. The two protests were separated by a few hundred yards.

"We're supporting their efforts 100 percent," said Amanda Trujillo, who created a Facebook event for the rally in front of the Capitol building. "We're collecting food and water for them and we're there for them,"

Those rallying in front of the Capitol building eventually began marching through the streets of downtown Denver.