Week-old fawn euthanized after being brought to animal shelter

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DURANGO, Colo. -- A 1-week-old fawn was euthanized by wildlife officials after a group of people removed it from La Plata Canyon west of Durango and took it to a humane society office, the Durango Herald reported.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Joe Lewandowski told the newspaper that the fawn was "dropped," a term for when a mother hides its young and goes to forage. People saw the fawn and were concerned for its safety.

“If anyone picks up a fawn, it’s pretty much a death sentence for that animal,” Lewandowski said. “Fawns can’t be rehabilitated.”

Lewandowski told the newspaper that on Sunday, people tried to take selfies with a fawn near downtown Durango and someone picked up the animal.

“Also over the weekend, we had a report of people feeding deer near the fish hatchery,” Lewandowski said. “Which, again, is another really stupid thing to do.”

Lewandowski said wild animals are best left alone.

“This happens every year,” he said. “People need to remember these are wild animals even though they live in town. These animals are fine by themselves. Just leave them alone.”

Earlier this year, a newborn bison calf had to be euthanized after a father and son placed it in the back of their SUV in an attempt to protect it from the cold and drove it to a ranger station at Yellowstone National Park.

Rangers made the tourists return the calf to where they picked it up, but it was rejected by the herd. Rangers had no choice but to euthanize the newborn calf.

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