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Cleanup continues in Caste Rock day after hailstorm

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. -- Cleanup continued in Castle Rock the day after a massive hailstorm left damage throughout the city.

Car windows were shattered, house windows were destroyed and patio furniture was left in pieces.

“I never expected the hail to be this bad to where it’s going to break stuff,” Michael Rios said.

Rios had two of his car’s destroyed. He was forced to keep his cars outside his garage because of home renovations.

Insurance companies are warning customers to be weary of potential scammers.

Chelsea Iida was told by her insurer to only deal with local contractors and to never give down payments hours after storms. Also, board up windows so you don’t have thieves.

“They said just try to board up and protect what is open and exposed until they can come out and take a look at it,” Iida said.

While the worst damage was felt by those with broken windows, John Schneider has a different kind of work on his hands -- yard work. The storm knocked down leaves and limbs from nearby trees.

“I had different plans for the weekend I’ll tell ya,” Schneider said.