Boulder Reservoir swim beach to remain closed on Fourth of July

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BOULDER, Colo. -- A bit of bad luck and bad timing has hit the Boulder Reservoir as the swim area will be closed through Monday.

The swim beach has been closed since Thursday because of elevated levels of bacteria in the water.

Reservoir management said it’s not unusual to shut down the swim beach; it usually happens a couple times a year, but the timing has put a big damper on the “Star Spangled Splash” Fourth of July celebrations.

“We would love to be able to open it,” Boulder Reservoir manager Stacy Cole said Saturday. “But based on the health department regulations, if we are outside a predetermined level we have to close the swim beach area. We’re making sure that we are keeping everyone safe.”

The water is being tested daily, and officials believe the elevated level of bacteria is because of the runoff from rain over the past several days.

“It could cause some discomfort if you ingest a whole lot of water and that’s the main reason we do the closure because we don’t want anyone to get sick,” Cole said.

The swim beach was barren Saturday, in the midst of what is usually the biggest weekend of the summer. Past history says the swim area should open soon, and officials are hoping it comes just in time for the Fourth of July.

“It’s usually a pretty quick turnaround, 24 to 48 hours,” Cole said. “We’re going into the 72nd hour range now, but fingers crossed (Sunday) will be a good test result.”

The reservoir will be open with a carnival, beer garden, deejay and boating activities still allowed on Sunday.