Tiny kitten escapes cage for adorably surprising reason

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TAIPEI, Taiwan — You have to watch this whole video.

At first, it seems the tiny kitten is staging an escape attempt from its enclosure in the pet shop in Taiwan.

It meows as it looks up at the opening at the top of its display cage, then makes a jump and struggles to squeeze through the gap.

That’s when the puppy lounging in the next display cage gets up and takes notice.

The kitten keeps scrambling to get a back leg up to the top of the slick wall to push itself over and out.

The puppy wags its tail, stands up and paws at the clear wall of its enclosure. You think maybe it’s just curious about the kitten’s activity.

But then the kitten makes a surprising move. Instead of jumping to the floor, it twists toward the puppy’s enclosure.

That’s when the puppy gets crazy excited. It jumps up to lick the kitten’s face, its tail wagging faster and faster.

The kitten struggles to get a grip on the wall of the puppy’s enclosure and squeeze its pudgy belly through the gap to join the puppy.

It’s hard to tell whether the puppy’s enthusiastic response helped or hindered the kitten’s efforts, but their reaction to being together makes it clear it was worth it. The puppy covers the kitten with kisses.

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