1 million book giveaway to combat childhood illiteracy

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DENVER — It’s a stunning statistic.  Up to 16 percent of Colorado high school graduates can only read at the fourth grade level.

A police officer turned CEO hopes to do something about that.

Ken Dunn runs a company called Readerslegacy.com.  It’s basically a social media site for people who like to read books.

Now his site is vowing to give away 1 million books to children’s literacy organizations over the next two years.

“I fundamentally believe that if we can eradicate that issue in children’s literacy, if I can champion the cause of getting enough people to rally with me, then we can make a dramatic difference in that.  And if we can do that, and we can educate the next generation of people, we can have a fundamental change,” Dunn said.

Dunn is looking for local organizations in need of books, and he says a chunk of all books sold on his social media site will help pay for the million book giveaway.  He has given away more than 25,000 books since February.

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