Hike Doggie takes your pet on a mountain adventure when you can’t

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DENVER -- The sun is out, the birds are chirping, but Fido has a frown.  What’s wrong, buddy?

If he could talk, he might say, “I want to go outside and smell things.”

Don’t worry, pal, that’s why Hike Doggie is here.

"We take dogs out in the mountains and have an amazing day when their parents can’t,” said Kath Allen, co-founder of Hike Doggie.

Created by three never-ending dog lovers, Hike Doggie’s mission is to give your pooch top priority with an outdoor experience fit for a canine.

The day starts off with a cool, comfortable, air-conditioned ride in a brand new van equipped specially for spaniels.

“It’s a super sweet ride. We have an AC unit in the back to keep all the dogs nice and cool in the summer, heating in the winter when it gets a little cold," co-founder Stephen Hillen said.

After your poodle is picked up, it’s off to the hills for a not-too-typical trek.

“This is exciting. This gets them out. They’re so pumped up. This is like new things to pee on, new things to smell. They’ve never been there with their pals, it’s totally different,”  Allen said.

After the two-hour hike, at the end of the day, you will most likely find your dog is dog tired.

“Your dogs are tired, they’re very healthy, they’re exhausted,” said Allen.

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