Woman who survived alleged kidnapping finds help at gas station

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LONGMONT, Colo. — A woman is recovering after her boyfriend allegedly kidnapped her, beat her and threatened to kill her with a hatchet.

Joshua Romo is being held at the Boulder County Jail on multiple felony charges, including kidnapping, assault, felony menacing and domestic violence. The woman already had two protection orders against Romo that he is also accused of violating.

According to arrest records, on Thursday or Friday afternoon, Romo jumped in front of the woman’s car as she was leaving Sportsman’s Discount Liquors in Longmont. He forced his way into the car and made the woman drive him to the mountains against her will.

The woman said she jumped out of the car to try to run away near Ferncliff in Boulder County, but was unsuccessful. The two “camped” in the mountains for the weekend.

The woman said she was imprisoned and Romo would not let her leave.

At one point, she told police the two got into an argument and Romo “lost it,” then punched her in the chest, dragged her by her feet, slammed her head into the ground and stomped on her foot. She also told police he threatened to kill her while holding a hatchet.

The woman told police that Romo instructed her to drive back to Longmont at the end of the weekend so he could go to work. They stopped at the Bradley gas station on Main Street around 2:30 a.m. Monday.

“The girl came in and she just needed some help,” store manager Sherry Boryczko said.

Boryczko was not at the store when the incident occurred. The overnight clerk, a woman named Danielle, was on duty.

“She said the girl was really frantic and just crying and bawling and just blood everywhere,” Boryczko said.

Police said the woman was barefoot, had severe bruising and cuts on her face, eyes and arms, and was covered in dried blood. She had two black eyes and was covered in dirt and June grass seeds. The vehicle also had a cracked windshield, blood on the dash and front passenger door.

According to arrest documents, the woman was trying to enter the store for help, but Romo was physically holding her back. A customer noticed and overheard the woman say to Romo “I don’t want you near me.”

“Danielle said that she’s seen the girl before. That she’s come in before crying, saying that her boyfriend was really mean to her and [Danielle] told her that if she ever had any issues to let her know and she would be more than willing to call police and help her out,” Boryczko said.

Danielle called 911 and Romo allegedly fled the gas station, pulling the gas pump nozzle off with the vehicle. Police arrested him shortly after at a nearby Super 8 motel. A stun gun was used twice during the arrest.

“I am very proud of Danielle. She did an awesome job and she will definitely get kudos tonight when she comes in,” Boryczko said. “I’m just glad Danielle was there that night. ... Who knows what would have happened with that young lady.”

The woman was taken to Longmont United Health where she was given a medical evaluation.

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