Denver inventor has device to keep dogs cool in hot vehicles

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DENVER -- There are stories every summer and always just as tragic: Someone left their dog in a hot car. It doesn’t take long for the worst to happen.

Denver resident and inventor William Loopesko, a dog owner, wants to change that.

“This is the prototype of the Pup Waggin'. Basically, it’s a cooler. We just took the lid off, manufactured a new lid. … We’ve got some ice and some water in there,” Loopesko said as he revealed what looks like a Coleman cooler that has been modified.

His canine cooler, officially called the Pup Waggin', is pretty straight forward with a simple design.  And with temperatures topping off at 100 degrees, Loopesko demonstrated his prototype using his own dog.

“And it’s going to keep this car cool for two hours for Clovis there who’s taking a nap,” Loopesko said.

More than an hour into the demonstration and an uncooled SUV displayed a temperature of more than 120 degrees. The SUV with Clovis inside hovered at 81 degrees, a 39-degree difference, which makes Clovis one comfy canine.

After two hours in 100-degree weather, Loopesko opened the tailgate to the cooled SUV. Out came Clovis, showing no worse for wear.

“This is probably our 10th or 11th test that we’ve done with the temperature around 90 degrees. And no problem so far,” Loopesko said.

If Clovis could talk, he might say, “If you don’t mind, I’m going back into the car.”

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