Hotter temperatures kick up wildfire danger

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DENVER -- As wildfires sweep across the southwest, firefighters in Colorado are asking residents to be on high alert.

“We need everybody to be really careful,” West Metro Fire Rescue Capt. Jay Jackson said. “In the southwest, we are seeing impressive fire behavior. We’re seeing dry conditions and usually the trend is that comes right into Colorado.”

Jackson also pointed out that haze over Denver last week from the fires in the southwest should serve as a warning that fire danger is on the way. Fire departments across the state responded to numerous grass fires and small wildfires this past week.

“We’ve trained throughout the winter and into the spring to be ready for this time of year,” Jackson said.

The high temperatures, low humidity and high winds are prime conditions for wildfires.

“Be careful with open cigarettes and open burning because it has to start and if we can prevent it from starting then we don’t’ have to put it out,” Jackson said.

A few counties in the state have issued fire restrictions. West Metro Fire asks all residents check with local agencies for rules and regulations in their area.