Mudslide in Wheat Ridge neighborhood displaces 10 people

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WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. — A mudslide caused 10 people to evacuate their home on West 48th Avenue early Saturday morning.

No one was injured because of the slide, and the duplex house was not damaged.

“There was a retaining wall that was built here years ago and it looks as if it possibly saved the whole house,” said Donna Harper, whose father lives in the duplex.

Wheat Ridge police said water appeared to be seeping out of the hillside, so they believe something happened underground to saturate the area and cause the slide.

“There’s an entire gate and fence and everything that is down there is in the hole,” Harper said. “It’s gone.”

The slide wiped out most of the home’s backyard.

“When you’re used to seeing a very lush almost garden-like atmosphere as you look out your back window, it’s not there now at all,” Harper said. “Where did it go? It’s in a hole.”

The American Red Cross responded and provided lodging to six adults and four children who were displaced.

An engineer cleared the homeowners on one side of the duplex to stay until Monday when a specialized engineer will further assess the damage.