Neighbors leave messages at memorial for boy who fell from window

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DENVER -- The police investigation continued Friday into how a 2-year-old child fell from an upper story window and died.

A stranger found the toddler Thursday afternoon at the Mint Urban Apartments near East Mississippi Avenue and South Colorado Boulevard.

On Friday, neighbors dropped off notes, teddy bears and flowers at a memorial set up under the window. They said the community is in mourning.

“I left a couple of flowers, a little daisy and a note just offering my support with my name and apartment number and stuff so they knew they could reach out to me if they needed someone to talk to or even a hug,” neighbor Lindsey Edgar said.

Investigators said the fatal fall appears to be an accident but negligence is still being considered. No one had been arrested or cited.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, 3,300 children ages 5 and younger fall from windows annually in the U.S. Some children die, some have head, neck, and other physical trauma that can be life altering. The Stop At 4 campaign was started to help educate the public about window safety and help prevent window falls.

Tips for keeping kids safe around windows:

  • Keep furniture and anything a child can climb away from windows. Children have climbed on furniture, toys, and laundry and fallen out of a window.
  • Keep play away from windows and enforce the rule. Play one or two steps away from any window.
  • Install window stops or window guards on windows that are 72 or more inches from the ground.  Make sure they can be removed by an adult (in case of fire or other emergency)