Father’s Day Tech: Bluetooth Speakers

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Bluetooth speakers are everywhere but a few come with unique features.  Here are two affordable options from Inateck that could make a good gift for Dad this father's day.


20160617_061242Inateck MercuryBox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - $38

The MecuryBox is surprisingly small but has pretty good sound.  Best of all, it's waterproof.  It has an IPX 5 rating which means it can't take a dunk in the water but it'll be find getting splashed in the shower or around the pool.  At $38, it's a great price for a good-sounding speaker with water resistance.

20160617_061249Inateck Tablet Bluetooth Speaker - $26

More and more these days we're watching movies, TV shows and your favorite morning news program on tablets.  Problem is the sound is often less than steller and the speakers are usually on the back.  The Inateck Tablet Bluetooth Speaker is a great, in expensive solution.  It sounds pretty good and can be found for as low as $26!