Bear in southwest Denver neighborhood euthanized

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DENVER -- A bear that was roaming through a southwest Denver neighborhood was euthanized, the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife said Friday.

The bear was first seen in the 4800 block of South Ammons Street, near Wadsworth Boulevard and West Layton Avenue, on Thursday morning.

Officials kept watch on the bear throughout the day and by Thursday night, two poodles had chased it up a tree, where it appeared to be resting.

Jennifer Churchill with Parks and Wildlife said the bear was tranquilized and then had to be put down. The same bear was caught about one year ago near Interstates 70 and 76, and tagged.

Churchill said once a bear feels like a neighborhood is its territory, its behavior can't be changed, and that's why it was put down.

Parks and Wildlife is reiterating the importance of residents to chase bears out of neighborhoods by using pots and pans, and honking. Also, residents need to be vigilant about bird feeders and trash cans.