Man uses billboard, and dogs, for marriage proposal in Denver

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DENVER -- From basketball games to on the job to even music videos, more people these days are using creative ways of saying, “Will you marry me?”

For Denver resident Laura Hillen, she never saw it coming.  The billboard that is that boyfriend and soon to be groom Darren Keralla used with those four little magic words.

So where did Keralla get the idea of having a billboard pop the question?

“I saw a billboard and said, ‘Man, that would actually be a pretty good way to do it,’ and coincidentally I have a friend who works for Out Front Advertising and he set it up," Keralla said.

Which he did, in living color on a full size billboard located high above 22nd Avenue and California Street in Denver.

When Hillen finally laid eyes on it, from a parking garage across the street, she was caught off guard.

"The first word I saw was marry, and then I saw my name and his name and I was shocked,” she said.

“She obviously was very surprised and started tearing up and I was pretty nervous as well," Keralla said.

Mission accomplished. She said yes.