Father’s Day Tech: 360° Camera from LG

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360° cameras are the hot new tech gadget!  For good reason too, they are super cool.  In March I reviewed the Ricoh Theta S and fell in love with 360° photos and video.  Now the LG 360 Cam is on the market as a less expensive option.

The concept is simple, the camera packs 2 180° cameras that, when combined, record a full 360 photo or video.  It's a new concept but you don't really need to "point" the camera because it records everything.

The LG 360° Cam won't replace a standard camera.  It shoots really cool pics and video but you'll still want your smartphone camera to get those classic images.  None the less, it's the coolest thing to happen to photography in years and I think it would be a great gift for any Dad who loves to be behind the camera on family adventures.

The LG 360° Cam works with both iPhone and Android and sells for $200 at Verizon Wireless stores.