Love, Colorado

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Summertime Air Quality a Concern - Denver metro drivers asked to reduce car trips

Cut just two of the car trips you make every week. That’s the message to drivers in the Denver metro area from the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) as it launches a new campaign to improve air quality. In hot summer months, air quality can take a big hit from all of the vehicle emissions, which create harmful ground-level ozone. But the RAQC says everyone can take simple steps to make the air better along the Front Range. Things like walking to lunch or running several errands in one trip help. Reducing just two of the personal car trips each week can keep 14 pounds of ozone-causing emissions out of the air each year.

The theme of this summer’s campaign is "Love, Colorado". The RAQC hopes that Coloradans connect the love they have for our state and its big, blue skies to their air impact. Population estimates have the Denver metro area growing by more than a million residents in the next 20 to 25 years.  It’s more important than ever for Coloradans to reduce their trips so that the air quality doesn’t suffer.

Over the next few months, metro area residents will see the “Love, Colorado” air quality campaign at events, including Bike to Work day in Civic Center Park on June 22nd. You can find out how to take simple steps to create better air at