Father’s Day Tech: Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

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Still scratching your head about what to get for Dad this Father’s day?  Have no fear, your favorite tech junkie is here to help.

Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat – $250 (see details on $50 off sale this week)

Like so many other things in our life, thermostats are going smart!  The Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat connects to your wi-fi and manages your heat and a/c.  You can control it via the Ecobee app or the touchscreen interface on the front of the thermostat.  It also grabs weather information from the internet that you can view right on the screen of the Ecobee3.

The thing that makes the Ecobee3 different from other smart thermostats is that it works with remote sensors.  One sensor is included with the Ecobee3, you can add more.  If you’ve ever been in a home where the upstairs is hotter than the downstairs, you know why this makes sense.  The Ecobee3 will use the sensors to maintain the temperature based on where you are in the home.  For example, if it detects motion upstairs, it’ll maintain your home’s temperature based on the temperature upstairs, not downstairs.

You can find the Ecobee3 on sale for $200 at Ecobee.com, Home Depot and Amazon.  BEST DEAL – if you’re an Xcel customer you can get an extra $50 off which makes the Ecobee3 $150!