Customer returns to Edgewater restaurant take back $1,088 tip

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EDGEWATER, Colo. -- Apparently, the Thai cuisine at Thailicious is to die for because a customer left a tip while waiting for a takeout order.

It wasn’t your average tip. It was a really, really big tip, to the tune of more than $1,000.

The customer, who paid cash for his meal and tip, could not be reached for comment because no one knows who he is.

His waiter, Ricky Perez, was floored when he was counting up the $100 bills after the customer left the restaurant.

“It was the biggest one, yeah. World breaking? Well, for me, yeah,” Perez said.

Why did the customer leave such a big tip? Perhaps it was the libations; Perez said he had three glasses of white wine while waiting for his order.

“He was drunk and he didn’t realize he left over $1,000,” Perez said.

The next day, the customer returned to Thailicious and apologized while asking for his tip money back.

The honest folks at Thailicious returned the money and offered him up a slice of humble pie. On the house. The customer did leave about a $60 tip.