Some rescued golden retrievers from Turkey still need homes

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ARVADA, Colo. -- One week after a group of golden retrievers was rescued from Istanbul and flown to Denver, some of the dogs are still available for adoption.

Out of the 18 dogs rescued, about four are still looking for forever homes. After the initial story aired last week, millions of people reacted on Facebook. Many offered to take in the dogs.

The dogs were flown in by the Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, a local golden retriever group based in Arvada.

According to the group, golden retrievers deal with a terrible situation in Turkey. The rescue’s executive director, Kevin Shipley, said people in the country used to view golden retrievers as a status symbol. But after puppy mills made the breed’s population explode, they were no longer valuable.

These days, Shipley said a lot of the dogs are set free to fend for themselves in the streets of Istanbul or in Turkey’s forests.

“Once they’re not puppies anymore, and not cute and cuddly, just full grown dogs, people don’t want them,” said Sue Sherman, a member of the organization.

The rescued golden retrievers have been in Colorado for a week. During that time, they’ve been pampered, well fed and have received medical attention if need be.

The dogs are happy and healthy.  The organization has received a lot of applications, but it's looking for a perfect fit. On Tuesday, one of the remaining dogs was adopted by a couple from Evergreen.

Sonal Karnik and her husband were a perfect match for Penny. The lovable 5- to 6-year-old instantly attached herself to Karnik, as if she knew good days were ahead.

“I see a person ready to love and be loved. And just have a good time. It’s time isn’t it?” Karnik said with a smile, looking into Penny’s eyes.