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Mistake may have led to charges dismissed against hit-and-run driver

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AURORA, Colo. -- An Aurora man said he couldn’t believe it when he found out the charges, against the driver accused of wrecking his car and fleeing the scene, were dismissed.

Tony Alfaro said he was traveling on Tower Road February 27, 2016, when all of a sudden a young female driver shot out in front of him, pulling onto Tower from Louisiana.

“It didn`t look like she even stopped at the stop sign,” he said. “She just ran right through it, and then she just slammed on her breaks right in front of me.”

The cars collided, destroying the front end of Tony’s vehicle.

“And then she took off and that`s when I started to panic,” he said.

Tony said a bystander was able to snap a photo of her license plate, and court documents show the 18-year-old was later charged with careless driving, failure to yield, leaving the scene, and driving under restraint – which means, she likely should not have been behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

Records show she was accused of following too closely and driving an unsafe vehicle without a driver’s license back in 2014.

“If she continues to drive, especially in the manner she was that day, I have no doubt that before long she is going to hurt somebody,” Tony said.

While Tony has insurance, he said it didn’t cover a crash with an uninsured motorist.

“Probably because of the prior, she couldn`t get insured for it,” he said.

Tony said he paid a repair shop close to $2,700 to get his vehicle fixed.

He said his only hope was restitution – asking the judge to grant restitution to help pay for the damage to his vehicle. He eagerly awaited learning when a court date would be set.

“I`d been calling and calling and calling, trying to get anybody to talk to me,” he said.

But the last time he called, he found out all charges had been dismissed.

Court documents show every charge against the driver was dismissed on June 3, 2016.

“Disbelief,” Tony said. “I couldn`t believe it.”

FOX31 decided not to identify the driver, since the charges were dismissed. But it turns out, a mistake may have led to that dismissal of charges.

A spokesperson with the Arapahoe County District Attorney’s Office, 18th Judicial District, released the following statement: “The District Attorney’s Office is looking into the circumstances of this case. It appears a mistake was made and we will take responsibility and do all we can to rectify the matter.”

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