Some Littleton residents want to stop big project under construction

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LITTLETON, Colo. -- Residents living in a historic Littleton neighborhood are protesting a new development going up on West Littleton Boulevard.

The project has been approved and construction is underway. But two Littleton City Council members considered revoking the building permit.

Residents at a meeting Tuesday night said they felt in the dark about the development.

"We've felt like we've been blindsided, stepped on, stepped over," said Deborah Gallegos, a Bemis Street resident.

Homeowners on Bemis Street take pride in their turn-of-the-century houses. That's why they're speaking out against the project.

"It's not that we're anti-development. It's that the development needs to conform to the zoning codes that we have," Gallegos said.

The Zocalo Community Development principal commented on the potential revocation.

"The impact of Littleton City Council revoking the permit and terminating construction would impact dozens and dozens of families throughout the Front Range. More importantly, this kind of unauthorized revocation would make any developer, business owner or resident considering even minor home renovations, worried," David Zucker said.

Residents complained that city officials held no public hearings for rezoning the area. An attorney representing Zocalo said the company would take legal action if the permit became void.

Not all residents at the meeting spoke negatively against the builder. Some expressed their want for new development. The motion to revoke was dropped after hours of public input.

A special council meeting is set for next week to address residents' zoning concerns.

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