Radio legend Garrison Keillor suffers second seizure

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Radio legend Garrison Keillor says he's feeling "fortunate" after the Prairie Home Companion host suffered a seizure over 2016 Memorial Day weekend.

VIENNA, Va. — Radio legend Garrison Keillor says he’s feeling “fortunate” after the Prairie Home Companion host suffered a seizure over Memorial Day weekend.

According to a message posted on his Facebook page, he hosted two back-to-back shows at the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts in Vienna, Virginia, on Friday, May 27, after suffering from a medical emergency.

Keillor said after the shows he “flew to Mayo to get checked out and saw an MRI image of my skull with a black hole where a previous stroke struck close to the language center of the brain, so I came away feeling vastly fortunate.”

When he was discharged from the Mayo Clinic, Keillor said he went home to St. Paul, Minnesota, and then boarded a flight to Atlanta to host a show at the Fox Theater, according to David O’Neill, Prairie Home Companion publicist.

This is the second seizure for the radio icon. He suffered another one within the past year, according to O’Neill. “He (the doctor) put me on an anti-convulsant that makes me feel lethargic but I intend to fight this,” he said on Facebook.

Keillor has five upcoming live shows left on his tour and says he wants them all to be “terrific.”

He insists he has plenty of time for lethargy — in August.

Keillor is expected to retire from his radio show after a 40-year run, he said in an interview with CNN’s Poppy Harlow.

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