Shorter security lines than expected at DIA for Memorial Day weekend

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DENVER -- Travelers heading home after the long holiday weekend got a pleasant surprise Monday with reasonable wait times for security at Denver International Airport.

About 1 million passengers flew in or out of Denver over the holiday weekend. Friday was the busiest day.

“Leaving Denver was a little bit longer. It was probably close to 30 (minutes), but still not bad,” said Jasmine Sanders, who lives in Monument.

So at the end of the long weekend, people going back home got a nice surprise.

“I've been in those crazy lines before. (Monday), I got lucky, just a, you know, 20-minute line and that's it,” said Adina Goldberg, from San Jose, Calif.

Twenty minutes was about the longest anybody had to wait Monday.

“You would expect it to be a little bit more hectic with people out of town and everything, but everything went pretty smoothly,” Sanders said.

And for every person who gets scanned through security, on the other side, there’s a happy homecoming.

“I haven't seen them in nine months so I'm really excited,” Gabby Scheer said of seeing her sister.