Man arrested for plowing through Kentucky memorial cross display

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HENDERSON, Ky. -- A town in Kentucky is rushing to repair its military display for a Memorial Day ceremony on Monday.

Police said a driver plowed down dozens of military memorial crosses on Saturday.

"It's disturbing, that somebody just has no respect," one person said. "Almost fell out of my chair, I couldn't believe somebody would do this."

Police said Anthony Burrus is likely the driver who defaced the Memorial Day tradition, which was started decades ago by Tom Davis' father.

"I don't think any other town our size has this much of veterans' awareness," Davis said.

It's a display that grows each year, starting with 34 crosses in 1946 to now more than 5,000.

"We monitor people passing away during the year and add them to the list, so they can have a cross next year," Davis said.

Davis' father will be there Monday for a special ceremony. They'll have a chance to see three other crosses bearing his last name. That's thanks to an all-day effort by a committee to rebuild the more than 160 crosses that were destroyed.

"Why would anybody want to disrespect a veteran? I don't understand," one resident said.

Joe Edwards said he's thankful none of the crosses honoring his ancestors were hit. The same goes for the 12 representing James Fray's family. Still, they are both seeking justice.

"I think they should be prosecuted ... like a hate crime," Fray said.