Sisters hug each other for first time after not knowing they were related

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DENVER -- For the first time in their lives, Mary Ann Manuel and Alicia Laney know they are sisters. Manuel, 51, was adopted and Laney, 41, was never told about the existence of her sister before her mother died.

“It’s surreal. It doesn’t feel real,” Manuel said.

“It was odd to me just to find out all of a sudden that you have siblings,” Laney said.

“I wish I could have been there to help you drive a car, go on your first date, all the things big sisters do for little sisters,”  Manuel said.

It was Manuel, who lives in Alabama, who did the research last year and made the discovery.

“The whole flight to Denver I kept thinking I’m going to meet my sister,” Manuel said.

While their birth mom is no longer alive, Laney believes somewhere she is smiling.

“Mom would be taken aback, happy to know that they are happy and taken care of cause that’s all she wanted for them was to have a better life,”
Laney said.

Manuel is a twin and her brother is expected to meet Laney in the future.

During their weekend together, Laney and Manuel have already attended barbecues and a Rockies game, and have plans to visit Estes Park.

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