Tens of thousands turn out for 38th Bolder Boulder

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BOULDER, Colo. -- Tens of thousands runners and spectators turned out for the 38th Bolder Boulder on Monday morning. More than 50,000 runners were expected to participate in the Memorial Day tradition.

For everyone involved, it’s more than just a race.

“The most emotional time is the Memorial Day tribute,” Bolder Boulder founder Steve Bosley said.

Bosley founded the race in 1979 and never imagined it would become the spectacle it has become.

“After the second year, I said I don’t know where this sport is going, but we’ll be on the cutting edge of it and we committed to do that,” he said.

The Bolder Boulder has become the third-largest 10K race in the country, the seventh-largest in the world, and was named the all-time best 10K by Runner’s World.

But anyone who has taken part in the race will say it’s not the running that makes the Bolder Boulder special. It’s the opportunity to come together and pay respect to the brave men and women who served the country.

“Fifty-thousand people. They understand Memorial Day. It’s in their guts,” Bosley said. “We have to do this absolutely right. It has to have the reverence that it’s due and we pay very close attention to that."

The post-race tribute is always worth the wait. And for first timers, there’s some advice from the founder.

“Respect the Bolder Boulder, go out slow, go out easy and go out cautious. Don’t get sucked into running that first mile hard and pass people at the end instead of being passed," Bosley said.

For last-minute runners, there’s still time to sign up. Registration is available at the starting line Monday morning.

For spectators who want to watch the finish and Memorial Day tribute inside Folsom Field, organizers recommend arriving before noon.

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