Oregon teen confronts burglars while home alone during invasion

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SALEM, Ore. -- The knock at the door seemed normal at first but soon it grew urgent.

"He started ringing the doorbell six or seven times in a row, just getting pretty aggressive about it," 18-year-old Jensen Clark said.

That's when Clark, who was home alone, texted her mom.

"Who is here? Someone is knocking," she texted.

"Don't answer," her mother replied right before she called 911.

"I just got a call from my teenage daughter that someone is trying to get into our house," the mother could be heard on the 911 call.

"That's when I heard footsteps inside," Clark said.

The text play-by-play continued.

"Where are you?" her mom asked.

"In dad's closet," Clark replied.

"Stay in there," her mom wrote.

"I heard the door open to the room that I was in and that's when I started getting really, really scared," Clark said.

"Oh my god, they're in the room, they're in the room," Clark texted.

"okay stay here with me, hold on, hold on," her mom texted bck.

"They're in dad's room. I love you so much mommy," Clark texted.

"Hold on," the mom replied.

Then the mother received a haunting reply.

"They found me."

Clark had come face to face with a female intruder.

"And she goes, 'There's someone in here.' And at that point they're looking at me, and we're all within a 2-foot radius, all right next to each other. No one knew what to do, you know? It's disbelief, you don't expect this to happen," Clark said.

"I stood up. I said, 'You guys need to leave immediately. If you leave right now, I will not do anything.'"


Sheriff's investigators said Tiffany Wicke and Jestahn Jackson took off from the house but were arrested a short time later. Both were charged with first-degree burglary.

Deputies said Clark she did everything right to protect herself and help catch the suspects.

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