Concrete contractor disappears with money, didn’t finish job

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. -- The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers were contacted looking for help to find a contractor who was said to have disappeared with some money before the job was finished.

Doug Fisher decided in April it was time for a new driveway.

“This driveway was just trashed. It was pitted, cracked. It needed replacing,” Fisher said.

It was a $12,000 job. So a neighbor told Fisher to hire concrete contractor Bobby Vigil at Diamond Concrete.

“[They] highly recommended him,” Fisher said.

He signed a contract with Diamond Concrete on April 19. The new driveway was poured three days later.

“I’d pay him a third down, pay him a third after it was torn out ready to pour and then a final third was after the pour,” Fisher said.

Fisher made out three checks for $4,077 each. All three checks have been cashed. But the job hasn't been finished.

Part of the contract is for an upgraded service that Fisher requested to add a decorative acid stained stripe to the concrete. Fisher paid Diamond Concrete $1,416 for the service, which was included in the $12,231 total.

“We talked about the acid staining and [Vigil] said, 'Well let me go get a saw and I’ll be right back in an hour or so,” Fisher said. “And he never came back.”

Fisher said he has called, emailed and texted Vigil several times. He last spoke to Diamond Concrete on May 21. He has not heard from them since.

The business is not listed with the BBB, not registered with the Secretary of State’s office and its contractor permit in Arvada expired in October.

The Problem Solvers called the office number and cellphone number printed on the contract, as well as two other business lines that were found online associated with Diamond Concrete, but were only able to reach a voicemail.

The Problem Solvers also visited two business addresses to try to find Vigil. The address listed on the contract, which includes a suite number, is an apartment.

No one was home Wednesday afternoon. At another address listed for Diamond Concrete on, the woman who answered the door said she didn’t know anything about a company named Diamond Concrete.

An email has also gone unreplied.

Fisher said he just wants the $1,400 he paid for the decorative stripe refunded. He has also offered to clean up the wooden concrete forms himself, which the contractors left behind. Lastly, he doesn’t want anyone else to fall victim.

“I was a small-business owner and I worked really hard to satisfy customers. You do the right thing, have good work ethic. Apparently, this guy doesn’t,” Fisher said.

Diamond Concrete might have changed names recently. If you have had a similar experience, email the Problem Solvers at