Cleaning up after metro Denver’s first big hailstorm of the season

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WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- Gayle Passwaters raked her yard near Hyland Hills Golf Course on Wednesday, 24 hours after a hailstorm pummeled the area.

“Boom -- it just came down in a blaze,” Passwaters said. “The roofs were all white with snow. It was just horrible."

The biggest damage Passwaters suffered was her “green thumb.” Leaves on her trees as well as the new flowers she just bought were destroyed.

“I had just planted them on Sunday. Spent about $200 and now they are just wiped out,” she said.

In Denver at McMeen Elementary School, teacher Steve Pietrangelo showed how the cars in the parking lot have little dents as a result of the storm.

“There were some big stones,” Pietrangelo said.

Roof contractors went door to door looking for hail damage.

Tyler Briola with Precision Construction said homeowners should be cautious when dealing with companies, advising to only trust reputable companies.

Briola said be on the watch for “somebody who is promising the world. Paying for your deductible in Colorado, that’s actually against the law.”