$50,000 service van stolen from Denver businessman

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DENVER -- A local mechanic, who primarily fixes refrigeration units in large trucks, is out more than $50,000 after thieves stole his business and drove away with it.

Keith Thums’ business, KatWorks, is located in the 7500 block of York Street in north Denver. But a lot of his work is done out of his GMC van. On Saturday afternoon, someone stole the van, which contained most of his expensive tools.

“This truck has everything in it I need to do refrigeration repair on a semitruck trailer,” Thums said.

The on-call mechanic lost all of his instruments, gauges and diagnostic computer, to name a few.

“As of right now I am losing money every day for service calls and [a] weekend service contract,” he said.

Thums said he loaned his friend the keys to the van so the friend could access the tools. However, the friend forgot to lock the van and he left the keys in a visible area.

“It bothers me that there are people out there who don’t have a care or compassion for what other people are working for,” Thums said.

The van is a white 1998 GMC Savana box van with the business logo KatWorks in large decals on both sides and the back. It has Colorado license plate number 801-ZQW.