Man waits over a year for tent to be repaired

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ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- He dropped off a three-man tent for minor repairs last summer and still doesn't have it back.

He returned to the Denver shop several times with no luck. So he reached out to FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers.

The owner said she has tried to hire reliable help but keeps getting burned. The frustrated tent owner who contacted Problem Solvers said that's just one of the excuses she's given him.

And he just wants his tent back.

The Problem Solvers met Keith Stolzenbach near this shop, Stitchlines at 3750 S. Broadway, where he dropped off the 400 tent for a minor repair -- in July.

"I've been put off and put off and put off and it's just very frustrating,” Stolzenbach said.

He said the owner has given him a list of excuses.

The Problem Solvers went along on his fifth visit to get his tent back, repaired or not, and quickly met the owner.

Surrounded by a room full of camping gear repair back orders, owner Phyllis Grim said she can't find good help.

"You told me the last time I was here. Phyllis,” Stolzenbach said.

Eleven months later, the tent was still in one piece in a pile, still ripped.

Stolzenbach asked for his tent back, saying, “I’ll take it some place else, I mean, I’ve waited a year.”

The owner then made a counter offer.

“I will repair it today, deliver it to you. And not charge,” Grim said.

Reporter: “Because if it's not, we'll be back.”

Grim: “No, I understand that.”

Reporter to Stolzenbach: “Do you want to have the tent repaired or do you want to just get it?”

Grim: “I will stop what I'm doing right now and just get on it."

She promised it would be done by Monday.

“I do good work, yes ... but you need to know I'm behind and I apologize,” Grim said.

Afterward, Stolzenbach was still skeptical but said he's glad he contacted Problem Solvers.

"You guys followed up within a week and it really expedited this whole thing,” he said.

But Stolzenbach said she has promised that several times.

She apologized and she knows this time we'll be back.