Helping Your Health In Your 40s

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They say forty is the new thirty, and there are good reasons for that.  Those in their forties are more health conscious and active these days and  outshining many who are decades younger , but Dr. Tracy Lippard of Kaiser Permanente warns it is also a time to safeguard against potential health problems.   When it comes to preventing breast cancer, many women are encouraged to get a baseline reading in their forties, depending on family history.    Dr. Lippard points out that the right time to have your first mammogram and how often you should be screened is still very controversial and adds, “it really warrants a discussion with your doctor about what's right in your circumstances.”  Many women in their forties also start to notice a change in their metabolism.  Your body’s mechanism for burning fat may slow down, making it easier to put on weight and more difficult to lose it.  Women may also begin to go through hormonal changes that affect appetite and mood.    It is important to main a healthy diet and exercise at lease three times a week.  Nutritionists say instead of focusing on what you need to give up, get excited about adding metabolism boosting foods to your diet.  That means spicing things up.  A University of Wyoming study shows Capsaicin, the ingredient that makes most  peppers hot, may help to control extra weight gain when combined with healthy eating habits, exercise and making sure to drink 6- 8 glasses of water each day.

Your brain changes in your forties as well.  40's as experts say everyone should be aware of the signs of depression, which include a lack of motivation, appetite and interest in things you usually love.  Dr. Lippard says, “studies show physical activity in the middle of your life, really does decrease your chances of developing things like dementia and depression”

Whether you walk the red carpet or not  your forties mark a time when you have the opportunity to make decisions that will play a huge role in dictating your future quality of life