‘Top Gun’ turns 30

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"Top Gun" was released on May 16, 1986 and fans are still angling to be Tom Cruise's wingman.

LOS ANGELES — Thirty years later and we still feel the need for speed.

“Top Gun” was released on May 16, 1986, and fans are still angling to be Tom Cruise’s wingman.

On Monday, Twitter was abuzz with everything from GIFs to favorite lines from the film which also costarred Kelly McGillis, Tim Robbins, Val Kilmer and Anthony Edwards.

Time has flown since Maverick, Goose and the gang took to the skies as a group of students in training to become a part of the U.S. Navy’s squadron of elite pilots.

The film was a big deal for Cruise at the time. He was fairly new to the fame game with roles in “Taps”, “The Outsiders”, and “Risky Business.”

He told the Los Angeles Times when “Top Gun” was released in 1986 that he saw the film as about more than military service.

“It was important to me that we made a movie about characters and the human element — not a war picture,” he said. “This movie is about competition, not killing.”

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