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Aurora police officer caught doing good deed with kids

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AURORA, Colo. -- An Aurora police officer was caught on camera taking shots while on the job.

Basketball shots, that is.

A passerby pulled out his phone and started rolling when he realized the female officer was shooting hoops with a group of kids.

“This is awesome. This is awesome. We have one cop here playing basketball with the boys,” Adrian Castro said in the recording.

He said he shared the video so others could see the good deed for themselves.

Castro said he was about to drop his mom off at her home in Aurora when he drove past a park where he saw a police car parked and several kids nearby.

He was worried something was wrong.  Instead, he was surprised to see it was just a friendly pickup game with a special guest player.

“I see a lot of videos on Facebook showing high school kids talking back to cops,” Castro said.

He thinks parents need to teach kids that officers are people just like them and they are looking out for them. He recently used the video to teach his kids about showing officers respect and appreciation.

“It’s amazing how you see cops handle a situation with kids. I have some boys of my own. One of them asked me once if cops are bad and I showed him the video once and that helped him a lot,” Castro said.

He said he shot the video about a month ago. He said the female officer must have been out there playing for a while because she was sweaty. He added the kids seemed happy to have her there.

Castro said if he ever saw the female officer again he would shake her hand and thank her. He said he would also give her a few tips on how to improve her dribbling skills.

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