Electrician accused of taking money and not doing work

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DENVER -- A metro-area electrician is accused of taking thousands of dollars for work he never completed.

The FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers first learned about Brian Martinez of Martinez Electric several months ago when a Brighton family tried to get their money back after they said Martinez disappeared.

Six alleged victims were alleged victims and a church were tracked down, saying Martinez took their money and then disappeared.

"If he’s ripping off little old ladies that are over 70 years old and churches, where do you go from there?” Judy Slinker said.

Slinker contacted the Problem Solvers when Martinez pulled the wool over her eyes.

"It’s very sad," she said.

Slinker sells quilts and paid Martinez $2,000 up front for new lighting in her small shop.

"$2,000 is a lot of money to old people. I have to make enough money with this store to make the house payment,” Slinker said.

Robert Sipres said Martinez not only ripped him off for $1,300, but he left dangerous, low-hanging live wires in his backyard. Sipres sued Martinez and won a default judgement because Martinez failed to appear in court.

The Problem Solvers tracked down Martinez at his home.

Reporter: "I want to ask you about your recent business practices. Some people are saying you’re taking their money and not coming back and doing the job?”

Martinez: “Oh, I’m not interested in that.”

Reporter: "Do you have anything to say about it? Why are you running away?”

The Adams County District Attorney’s Office is looking into the allegations against Martinez.

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