North Carolina dog makes trip to day care on his own

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BELMONT, N.C. -- For some pet owners, finding the right daycare is a relief. But one North Carolina woman's dog may love his day care a little too much, according to WBTV.

Everybody seems to be all smiles at Happy Dogs in downtown Belmont. But probably none of these guys love it as much as Riley.

Riley has been coming to the day care for most of his five years, but last Friday, his owner Tonia took him for a ride right past the place.

"And of course he kind of whimpered a little bit,” Tonia said.

And then they went back home.

"I gave him a treat when he was sitting on the deck and I said 'OK buddy I'll be back after a while,’” the owner said.

From the backyard, this golden retriever must have been plotting his perfect escape plan. Shortly after Tonia left, Riley did too.

"He knows the way up here because they walk him all the time and he had just decided to put hisself in day care that day,” the owner said.

Riley popped the lock on his fence and set out to find his friends. He walked more than a mile, went through downtown Belmont, probably sniffed some flowers and sat down in front of Happy Dogs and waited.

"Someone walked in the door and said there's a dog sitting out here waiting to come in,” the dog’s owner said.

Riley ran straight back to the day care room where his pals were more than happy to see him, especially Owen.

"Doug said his dad would come get him and I said ‘Oh no he worked that hard for it he's gonna stay here all day in day care,’” said the owner.

It's a story of determination, a smart dog, and a day care that clearly passes the sniff test with flying golden colors.

Riley's owners have put an extra lock on the gate since his little misadventure. But they have promised to take him to daycare more often.