Boulder celebrates park restoration after 2013 floods

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BOULDER, Colo. -- It was a celebration in Boulder on Thursday afternoon as one of the city’s most popular parks, Eben G. Fine Park, was restored from damage caused by the devastating floods in 2013.

The city hosted the event to mark the completion of its first restoration project as part of the Community, Culture and Safety Projects approved by Boulder voters in 2014.

The park was still accessible in the years since the floods, but locals described it as a “mud field.”

“It was pretty much ankle-deep mud with deep ruts in it,” resident Jane Imber said.

The restoration project cleaned up the Boulder Creek bank and made it more accessible for park visitors.

“It looks amazing. It’s so nice and it’s great for the kids,” another resident said.

The project began in 2015 with the goals of stabilizing stream banks, preventing erosion and restoring natural habitats.

“There was a lot of erosion basically between where the sidewalk is and the stream bank. It was just dirt and the tree roots were exposed,” project manager Katie Knapp said. “When you have areas that are eroding, all of those water particles get into waterways and degrade the water quality.”

Residents are not only pleased with the restoration, but also the improvements.

“To me, that’s more important than just quickly rebuilding the same roads and parks that are going to get flooded out in the same event,” Mitch Imber said. “It’s definitely and improvement.”

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