Neighbors blame CDOT for gushing culverts that cause flood damage

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MORRISON, Colo. — Two neighbors living on the outskirts of Morrison are turning to the Problem Solvers for help. They’re concerned about a pair of culverts, pouring tons of water into their backyards

According to one of the neighbors, she had to pay $4,000 last summer to repair her yard after her pond overflowed.

That neighbor lives next door to Karen Michelson. Michelson moved into her home three years back and discovered the issue.

“If the water is going to go, it's going to go!” said Michelson pointing to the water sifting through her property.

Michelson is concerned mostly with the water eroding the land around her 150 year old trees. The trees tower over her horse barn.

“It’s already leaning this way, it’ll take out this entire structure,” she said.

Michelson claims CDOT is responsible. She said she and her neighbor were tossed between Jefferson County and CDOT. According to the women, Jefferson County said CDOT is responsible since the culverts go over a highway (US 285).

Michelson also said CDOT has visited her farm twice, but never gave her a solution.

“They didn’t give any reasoning for it. They just said there was no way they’d be able to take care of it,” she claimed.

CDOT told the FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers Michelson's response doesn’t sound right, but they’d have to look into it more. A spokesperson said they need some time to look through their files at the women's addresses.

In the meantime, Michelson told the Problem Solvers: If CDOT breaks her barn, she’ll break their bank.

“CDOT would be penniless. I would break them,” she said.

We, of course, will let you know what CDOT has to say once we hear back.