Denver police officer arrested for alleged sexual assault

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Update (5/16/2016): Police say no charges will be filed in the case.

DENVER -- A Denver police officer found himself on the other side of the law and behind bars Wednesday, facing multiple felony charges. Investigators arrested him Tuesday in Denver.

Officer Davin Munk is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in late April in Denver while off-duty. The 31-year-old has been in trouble multiple times before.

In December 2014, he wrecked a police vehicle and was reprimanded. A month later, one of Munk’s supervisors discovered he had lied in a police report while investigating an assault. Munk was suspended for four days.

And in December, Munk was accused of inappropriate force, a complaint that is still being investigated.

Now Munk is accused of sexually assaulting a woman. He’s also charged with felony menacing because police said a weapon was involved.

While police are not releasing Munk’s mug shot, FOX31 Denver has obtained multiple photos of him. We are withholding them at the request of police because they said it could compromise their investigation.

“We’re trying to be as transparent as possible. We’re not trying to withhold anything, but that picture is tantamount to our investigation. His name is not, so that’s why we are holding the picture back,” spokesman Sonny Jackson said.

Police said the alleged assault was reported to another police agency, which then notified the Denver Police Department.

Police are not sure why the alleged victim reported the crime to another jurisdiction, but they said a victim can report a crime to any agency of their choosing.