Complete working carousel, dozens of carousel horses for sale

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DENVER -- At one time in the United States there were more than 4,000 carousels, turning and dancing and delighting children of all ages. Today, there are fewer than 200.

“It was an exciting ride where each child got to pick their own horse and race each other and back when they first originated to catch the brass ring,”  Ashley Dinger said.

It was that magic that captivated the imagination of Charlotte Dinger. She loved them as a little girl and started collecting them in 1972.

“When we would go and visit my grandmother, we’d go for a full day and just ride the carousel all day,” Ashley Dinger said.

That love for those pretty, ornate, wooden horses was passed on to her granddaughter. And the actual horses themselves were passed along as well.

And now, they are all for sale: There are 113 carousel horses and one complete working carousel.

“We want it to go to somebody who can also appreciate the beauty and the art behind it.  But also know that it’s an entity that should be enjoyed by the public," Ashley Dinger said.

In addition to the horses and the one carousel, there are many other pieces and attractions that are up for grabs as well.

You can contact the sellers through email.