Snowy April falls far short of Denver’s record

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Snowing in Denver on Saturday, April 16, 2016.

DENVER — April ended as a snowy month. In reality, how snowy was it?

Denver received 15.6 inches at the official measuring station at Denver International Airport, 6.7 inches above the month’s long-term average.

It was only the 25th snowiest April in Denver’s 134 years of recorded history. The snowiest of all time was in 1933, when Denver received 33.8 inches — more than twice as much as this April.

Before jumping to the conclusion that the top snowfall Aprils were in El Nino patterns, guess again. Five of the 25 top snowiest Aprils were during an El Nino, six in a La Nina and 13 in neutral phase years, based on the MEI.

The season to date has had 72.8 inches of snowfall. The average is 57.1 inches.

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