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Live-stream eagle cam shows cat being fed to eaglets

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PITTSBURGH — Two bald eagles whose lives are streamed live on a web camera were shown earlier this week how they are taking care of their eaglets.

Late in the afternoon, one of the eagles swooped down and dumped something into the nest: A small, limp, brown and white cat.

The video was posted to YouTube and after a moment, one of the adult eagles dragged the cat to the other side of the nest. The video cuts out at that point, so the dinner scene is left to viewers’ imaginations.

The video isn’t gory but it does show the cat.

Here’s the video. Warning: It isn’t gory, but it does show the cat.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that some people who watched the live-stream as it happened were “squeamish or disturbed.”

The Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania responded on its Facebook page with a post reminding people that nature “isn’t always kind or pretty.”

“While many may cringe at this, the eagles bring squirrels, rabbits, fish (and other animals) into the nest to eat multiple times each day,” the society said. “To people, the cat represents a pet but to the eagles and toother raptors, the cat is a way to sustain the eaglets and help them to grow.”