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Man says he was attacked by teen while answering his front door

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DENVER -- A man came under attack in west Denver while answering his front door Thursday night.

He thought it was a teen selling things for school, but now he thinks he was the victim of an attempted robbery.

The warning is from police who are looking for this suspect and possibly others.

The victim wants to get the word out to his neighbors, many with young children and the elderly.

With his three dogs, Scot Abernathy never imagined being attacked in his home.

"My partner and I both do a lot for the community,” he said.

But home alone Thursday night, a teen rang his doorbell.

"I came to the door, he said, 'Hey I'm selling something,'” Abernathy said. “He didn't even open his tub and it was about 9 to 9:30ish at night. I was a little suspicious of that. I normally talk through the door."

But this time he made a mistake

“I didn't expect anything so I opened the door and I said not interested kind of with that firm tone,” Abernathy said.

What happened next left him in shock

"And bam. He hit me," Abernathy said.

He was struck with a heavy flashlight, causing a cut and bruise on his temple. He snapped a photo after the suspect ran away.

"I saw stars and it all just … I couldn't believe what had happened,” Abernathy said.

“I was shocked that it actually happened at that time of night,” said Maribel Hernandez, a neighbor. “Lately, within the past month, there's been suspicious people lurking.”

But teens often sell things in the neighborhood for school.

“It all happened so fast,” Abernathy said.

Neighbors said they've seen a man who appears to be casing some homes recently. Police have told them to lock their doors and be vigilant about their surroundings.

Abernathy describes his attacker as a thin Hispanic male, wearing a dark hoodie and jeans. And he wants to warn others.

"Just reliving it, you know, just how somebody could be so cruel?” Abernathy said.

Abernathy is a seven-time cancer survivor and works with cancer patients. He said he is concerned about neighbors being targeted or even the bad guys returning to his home.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Denver Police Department.